What's for Fall/Winter ??

The Boho

The Knit

The fur

The Military

Hey! It's been a long since I last posted on my blog but here I am, finally found some time to come up with a quick look on our fall's essentials! So no matter what you like wearing in general try not to forget buying one piece that matches the categories above if you really feel you deserve to be called a fashinista! I promise to be back really soon with more details... xx  


Vacation at last

Total relaxation at last on my beloved island Naxos! Greek islands are the best and I can't imagine a summer without visiting one! The blue of the sky meeting the blue of the sea and in between those breathtaking landscapes of dry mountains and white houses... Not to mention the sunsets... Amazing! 

P.S.: Sorry about the quality of the photos taken by my cell. Stay tuned for more amazing photos of the island, the sea, the sunset, the picturesque villages and places :)



We all have scarves in our drawers and one thing is for sure, you never run out of ideas with them! Wrapped around our neck or flowing on our shoulders, somehow tied on our bag, they upgrade an outfit at the moment! You can even wear it as a belt around your waist... What 's the coolest thing to do with your scarf this summer?? Wear it on your head as Giambattista Valli showed us.... You can either use a big scarf with your hair pulled up or a small one with your hair down. Honestly can you think anything more stylish for the beach or your morning coffee by the sea?


Fashion Alert #3

Haute Couture



Giambattista Valli



Maison Margiela

I wouldn't leave you without the final part of our fashion alert on haute couture week in paris! Have a quick look on what went on the catwalk during couture week and find out which couture maison is your favourite for this fall... Chic and serious? Classic and luxurious? Fresh and nostalgic? Romantic and tempting? Sexy and different? Or a bit chinese and eccentric?   


Fashion Alert #2

Haute Couture 

Elie Saab 

That was the most astonishing, luxurious show I saw in this couture week in Paris from Elie Saab. It was like a fairy tale with the models all dressed up like princesses! Elie Saab gave us exactly what we were expecting to see with fine textures, pearls and shining stones, feminine silhuettes and the most amazing bridal dresses I've ever seen but this we're gonna talk about on a special post! ;)